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CancerFind: Low-Cost Cancer Biomarker Detector BRAINet: Brain Networks
  • Spectroscopic  metabolite detector
  • Testbed  for metabolite  detector
  • Breast cancer biomarker metabolites
  • Breast cancer detection and staging

Zhang et al. 2014
  • dMRI-fMRI  joint processing
  • Structural network modeling
  • Functional network modeling
  • Network representation and characterization
  • Inter-network dependence
  • Alzheimer's Disease
Industrial Diagnostics
  • Hi-res sensor signal acquisition
  • Machine health monitoring
  • Machine Fault Diagnosis
  • Remaining useful life (RUL) estimation
CaReRa: Case Retrieval in Radiology
MUSE: Real-time US Simulator
  • Liver, Vessel and Lesion Segmentation in 3D CT Data
  • Shape and Texture Analysis
  • Ontological Liver Case Representation
  • Similar Case Search & Retrieval
  • Database Management, Indexing
  • User Interfaces
  • Virtual Patient Model
  • Haptic Interfaces
  • CT/MR to US Conversion
  • Real-time Processing (GPU)
Diffusion Tensor MRI Muscle Mechanics via DT-MRI
  • DTI Vector Field Regularization
  • Brain Tractography
  • Connectivity Mapping
  • Segmentation & Registration

Muscle Mechanics

  • 3D Registration
  • Deformation Based Strain Analysis
  • DTI Based Structural Analysis
CTC: Virtual Colonoscopy
  • CAD for colonic polyps in CTC
  • Supine/Prone 3D Colon Registration


  • CancerFind: Cancer Marker Detection With Low-Cost Portable Metabolite Detectors (BAP, Project #: 12360)
  • BRAINet: Composite Network Modeling of Neurological/Psychiatric Disorders and Application to Alzheimer's Disease (TUBITAK 1003, Project #: 114E053)
  • FSnet: Structure Guided Functional Brain Network (BAP, Project #: 10520)
  • EU COST Action "Semantic Keyword-based Search on Structured Data Sources (KEYSTONE)" (IC1302)
  • MUSE: Medical Ultrasound Simulator for Education (TUBITAK-TEYDEB 1505, Project #: 5130002)
  • CaReRa: Content Based Similar Case Retrieval in Radiology (TUBITAK 1001, Project #: 110E264)
  • In Vivo Analysis of Human Muscle Mechanics Using MRI (TUBITAK 1001, Project #: 111E084, Partner)
  • CBIR4Liver: Content Based CT Image Retrieval for Liver Cases (BAP, Project #: 5324)
  • DiRaC: Diagnostic Radiology Consultation System (TUBA-GEBIP 2008 Award)
  • KARIYER-DRESS: Diagnostic Radiology Expert Support Systems (TUBITAK KARIYER, Project #: 104E035)
  • DTIsuite: Development of a Clinical DTI Analysis and Visualization Platform (BAP, Project #: 752)
  • SK/DTIcad: CAD tools for Virtual Colonoscopy and DT-MRI Analysis (BAP, Project #: 555)
  • EU 6th Framework SIMILAR Network of Excellence Workpackage 10: Medical Applications (EU FP6)
  • Partner in foundation of B.U. Center for Life Sciences & Technologies and TETAM Research Center (DPT State Grants)







  • Serkan Cimen: Summer 2009 Chair of Pattern Recognition , Computer Science Department, The Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany
  • Burak Acar: Summer 2009 Stanford University, Department of Radiology, 3D Laboratory, CA, USA


  • Ali Yener Mutlu: Summer 2007 Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Department of Radiology,Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging (LMI), MA, USA
  • Burak Acar: Summer 2007 Stanford University, Department of Radiology, 3D Laboratory, CA, USA


  • Burak Acar: Summer 2006 Stanford University, Department of Radiology, 3D Laboratory, CA, USA